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  • One year Free Support

    One year Free Support & Maintenance

    NCrypted is your one stop solution of not only design and development but also for on-going support and maintenance as well.

  • A Robust Platform

    A Robust Platform

    Fundraiser (Kickstarter Clone) is user-friendly, robust and scalable crowdfunding script. It comes with SQL injection free coding that secures data from the automatic and robotic programs.

  • Cost-effective

    Cost-effective & feature-rich

    Excellent crowdfunding script with advanced features that enables you quickly develop your product with cost-effective rates.

  • Ready made or custom

    Ready made or custom

    Frundraiser enriched with all required features to build worthy Kickstarter Clone website. Even if your business model doesn’t match with it, we provide custom development solution to get unique crowdfunding platform.

  • Flexible Funding Models

    Flexible Funding Models

    Funding model can be set up as per your business model either All or nothing (Kickstarter way) or the reverse approach (Indiegogo way) – something rather than nothing.

  • SEO

    Inbuilt SEO & Marketing

    SEO friendly coding structure and inbuilt On-page SEO marketing module to enable your website gain more visibility over major search engine easily.



How Fundrasier is an advanced Kickstarter Clone script?

kickstarter clone scriptGiant crowdfunding players like Indiegogo and Kickstarter enabled lots of entrepreneurs to execute their dreams into a crowdfunding website. Still this industry has plenty of scope for business; only if you are able to focus on a particular niche and it is possible by customized crowdfunding script only.


Fundraiser – An outstanding Kickstarter Clone is not only serving the purpose of owning a fundraising or crowdfunding website quickly but also providing cost-effective way of customized web development compared to the scratch development.


This crowdfunding script contains advanced features that meet the current online business trend. Thus, it ensures your Kickstarter Clone website to create user-friendly scenario for both creator and backer and easily finish their creative projects.



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Admin features

  • Advanced admin area

    Advanced admin area

    Admin panel is designed with an extensive features and functionalities which enable you to easily manage your website with User Friendly Content management system.

  • Payment gateway

    Payment gateway

    Fundraiser platform provides PayPal Adaptive Payments method of PayPal to ensure that projects can be created, funded, commissions charged and money transferred to the project owner.

  • Commission management

    Commission management

    Admin has full freedom to decide commission price range by adding what commission percentage to be taken.

  • Staff Management

    Staff Management

    In Fundraiser platform admin has the authority to give different rights (i.e. access privileges) to the staff (sub admin).

  • User Management

    User Management

    This module shows the list of users associated with Fundraiser as a project creator or Fundraiser

  • Responsive, HTML5 & CSS3

    Free Installation

    Our professionals can easily setup user friendly professional social networking portal free of cost to you so it saves your time and money.


Project creator features

  • Unlimited Projects

    Unlimited Projects

    Fundraiser (Kickstarter Clone) allows projects creators to add unlimited projects for raising funds.

  • Campaign Updates

    Campaign Updates

    Project creator is able to announce campaign updates with easy to use option.

  • Review and post comments

    Review and post comments

    User can review for projects wih comments so the project creator so the backer can arbiter the fundraisers projects point of view.

  • Rewards for funding projects

    Rewards for funding projects

    In Fundraiser backer is provided with the facility to get the rewards in addition to what he/she is pledging for a given project

  • Set Goal or Target

    Set Goal or Target

    Project creator can set a goal for the projects that are posted. This goal is shown in projects creator dashboard needed to be achieved or target to meet.

  • Finance statistics

    Finance statistics

    It shows two statistics, one is total amount funded in which it shows total funded amount by backers for the other projects.


General User Features

  • Smart in-built search module

    Smart in-built search module

    User can search among lots of projects on basis of various keys such as classification, most funded, recently launched, etc. which makes the search easier.

  • Social media integration

    Social media integration

    This feature allows user to login in your crowdfunding website by signing up with social media credentials and fetches all the user information.

  • Starred projects

    Starred projects

    In Fundraiser this unique feature is provided to user (backer or project creator) in which user can make starred projects of their favorite projects

  • Report Abuse, Spam

    Report Abuse, Spam

    If user finds misleading or inappropriate data about the posted projects, then user can report to admin for the same of particular project.

  • Newsletter Subscription<

    Newsletter Subscription

    This feature of Fundraiser is provided in the user sign-up form in which users can subscribe for the weekly newsletters.

  • Help tool-tip

    Help tool-tip

    User have access a user-friendly help tool in which backers or project creator can use FAQ for any help regarding any issue of website.



Fundraiser features

Fundraiser Pricing

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